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DreamLease Car Leasing Deals UK

Welcome to DreamLease, a Vehicle Leasing Specialist based in the UK.DreamLease is an independent, family-run company with over 17 years of experience in the motor industry. We specialise in car leasing, electric car leasing, van leasing, commercial leasing and contract hire throughout the UK.

Please feel free to browse our leasing website for a quotation or information on hundreds of car leases such as the Nissan Qashqai, Tesla Model Y, Range Rover Sport and the Hyundai Tucson. Alternatively, please email or call our friendly sales team for a personalised quotation. DreamLease deals in all aspects of car leasing and vehicle contract hire to suit the individual customer, business or large fleet customer.

About Car leasing

Leasing a Car is an economical and hassle-free way to drive a brand-new vehicle. Leasing makes new and sometimes higher-spec cars more accessible to those who can't afford the high initial cost of a traditional purchase. Leasing also protects you from any depreciation and loss of value a vehicle may obtain over the term. Fixed monthly payments, full manufacturer warranties, road tax and UK mainland delivery are all additional benefits when leasing a vehicle through DreamLease.

DreamLease offers all new makes and models with cars being delivered from our network of UK main dealers. Maintenance options that cover the cost of servicing and replacement tyres are also available to add to our leases making our service a true one-stop-shop. All you have to do is insure the car with fully comprehensive cover for the lease term.

Contact us today to start your journey to a brand new lease deal.

Who can lease a car?

Leasing a car in the UK is accessible to practically anyone who holds a Full UK Driving Licence. With Business car leasing the financial obligation lies with the company. With personal car leasing, the individual who holds the leasing contract also holds the financial obligation. To lease a car, the business or the individual will have to pass credit approval with one of our affiliated finance companies such as Lex Auto Lease or Lease Plan. This is a fast process and is typically completed in 24 - 72hrs depending on the leasing funder.

Is Leasing Right For Me?

Leasing enables you to drive a brand new car with all the perks such as the manufacturer's warranty, new technologies and reduced maintenance costs without the considerable initial outlay associated with a traditional car purchase. Additional leasing benefits include increased fuel efficiency, new safety features and reduced risk of costly depreciation. You also might be able to lease a car with a better spec than you could typically afford to purchase outright. At the end of the car lease, you simply return the car and lease a brand new model.

Why Select DreamLease?

DreamLease is dedicated to 5 Star Customer Service and we are proud of our long-term customer relationships with both individuals and businesses. Our partners, both with the UK Dealer Network and the vehicle finance companies enable us to offer our customers some of the best lease deals on the market. Fast Delivery is another main objective here at DreamLease. DreamLease operates directly with our Dealer Network to pre-order a selection of desirable cars enabling us to deliver cars fast. Our Instock Lease Deal page is full of cars that are in stock and awaiting delivery anywhere on the UK Mainland. Leasing a car through DreamLease is hassle-free and simple, for more information please Click Here to visit our FAQ's Page.


Contact Us for Car Leasing Advice

DreamLease works in partnership with funders, car manufacturers and main UK car dealers to find you the best lease deals available.

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