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Electric Vehicle Leasing

Electric vehicles are an increasingly attractive option, due to their lower running costs, the expanding choice of models available and intensifying concerns about air quality & climate change.

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Benefits of Electric Vehicle Leasing

Leasing an electric vehicle has many benefits over purchasing as new technologies are evolving at unprecedented rates. Both battery technologies and regeneration techniques continue to improve, making older electric cars depreciate in value. This makes leasing an electric car more attractive as there are fewer concerns regarding depreciation.

Electric cars are ULEZ compliant and congestion charge exempt. The UK government continue to drive new financial charges towards petrol and diesel vehicles with some expecting this to expand in years to come.

Leasing an electric car allows you to hand back the car after the lease term ends and replace it with new and improved technology.

Guaranteed fixed monthly payments make vehicle budgeting straightforward with no hidden charges.

Leasing a car is extremely flexible. At DreamLease you can choose to pay a larger deposit with a smaller monthly payment or a smaller deposit with a larger monthly payment. Please note that the total term payment is commonly the same regardless of the deposit size.

Leasing a car from DreamLease is straightforward. Once a car and deal is agreed a finance proposal is produced and accepted. After which an order is signed and a processing fee paid which reserves the car for you and then delivered within the agreed lead-time.

Leasing an Electric Car is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. EV’s or electric vehicles improve the local air quality and environment.

How easy is it to Lease an Electric Car?

Leasing a car from DreamLease is straightforward and quick. Once an electric car has been selected and a deal agreed a finance proposal is then produced. Once accepted an order is signed by you and a processing fee is paid. This reserves the specific car for you whether at a dealer, on the water or yet-to-be-built. Electric cars are then delivered free of charge directly to you within the agreed lead time. Please note that with a personal lease or PCH there is a 14-day cooling-off period which cannot be wavered. After this time the delivery of the vehicle can then be arranged.

Please also consider the below when Leasing Your Electric Car

Monthly Leasing Budget or Payment which is the total cost of the lease per month. This should be affordable within your current lifestyle. The Total Lease Term, which is how long your car lease lasts, please note it can be expensive to end contracts early. Contracts generally last 2 years, three years or four years. Annual Electric Car Mileage which is the millage allowance over the lease. If you drive over the allotted mileage then you will pay an excess mileage charge which is commonly between six pence and 20 pence dependent on the vehicle and the specific leasing funder.

How to Charge an Electric Car

In recent years, the issue of charging an electric car coupled with range anxiety has put many off leasing one of these great vehicles and moving away from fossil fuels. Moving into 2023 however it has never been easier to charge an EV. Electric cars can be charged at home or at a place of work via single or two-phase electrical supplies with charging times continually improving. DreamLease is partnered with Mr Charger, a company specialising in EV or Electric Vehicle charging. Mr Charger is an expert in domestic charging points and commercial charging points including tesla power walls.

The alternative to home charging is public charging stations. These are becoming increasingly widespread in the UK with availability at petrol stations, supermarkets and parking garages. It's safe to say that living with an electric car and charging one has never been simpler with options increasing all the time. For more information regarding any of our electric car lease deals please call our team on 01494 424242.

Choosing an Electric Car to Lease

There are many electric cars available for leasing including brands such as Tesla, Mercedes and Nissan, Audi and many more. There are three main electric car categories. Long-range electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3 Long Range with over 374 miles of range. Mid-range Evs such as the Nissan Leaf Tekna 40kw with an electric range of 168 miles and Electric City Cars such as the Smart For Four 60kw with 78 miles of charge.

Please see below for some of the most popular electric cars for leasing in the UK.

Hyundai Kona Electric - Tesla Model Y - Mazda MX30 - Volkswagen E Up - Audi Etron - MG Mg5 Electric - Peugeot E-208 Electric - MG ZS - Mini Electric - Citroen E-c4 Electric - Ford Mustang Mach-e - BMW IX3 - BMW I4 Gran Coupe - Cupra Born - Tesla Model 3 - Polestar 2 - VW ID3 - VW ID4 Electric - Kia E-Niro - Jaguar I-Pace HSE Electric - Nissan Leaf - Skoda Enyaq Coupe

DreamLease specialises in personal and business electric car leasing. Please contact our sales team on 01494 424242 for a personalised quotation.

The History of The Electric Car

Electric cars are vehicles that solely run on electricity. They are powered by a battery, which is charged by plugging it into an electric outlet. The first electric car was invented in 1837 by Robert Anderson of Scotland. The first mass-produced one was invented in 1890 by Thomas Parker, who founded the company that still bears his name today. These electric cars were seen as a novelty because they couldn't travel more than 40 miles before needing to be recharged and they were expensive to produce and buy.

However, with the advent of new technologies like lithium-ion batteries, the range and cost of electric vehicles have decreased significantly, making this type of vehicle much more appealing to consumers. In recent years there has been a surge in demand for these types of vehicles as people have become increasingly concerned about climate change and air pollution caused by traditional fossil fuel vehicles.

The first modern electric car was created in 1990 by Tesla Motors with its Model S sedan. Tesla is an American company founded by Elon Musk in 2003 who is also the CEO of SpaceX and co-founder of Paypal.

Nowadays, most believe that the electric car is the future with most major brands dedicating all resources to moving away from the internal combustion engine.