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Peugeot Lease Deals

DreamLease offers a wide range of cheap Peugeot Lease Deals in the UK. Models such as the 108, 308, 208, 3008, 5008, 508 and the Peugeot Traveller can all be leased on a 24 month, 36 month or 48 month contract. For a personalised quote on any of our Peugeot lease deals please contact our expert team on 01494 424242 or email

Should I Lease a Peugeot?

Leasing a Peugeot with DreamLease has many benefits over a traditional purchase. Firstly with a lease, there is no concern regarding depreciation of the vehicle as after the lease term ends you simply hand the car back. This possible depreciation on a new car is worsened by the tremendous amount of new tech coming to market including hybrids, fully electric cars and future battery technologies. Another potential benefit is that every time you lease a new car with DreamLease the car comes with a full manufacturer warranty and road tax included. DreamLease will even deliver the car to your door free of charge on the UK Mainland. This means that leasing makes it easy to budget for your car over the total lease term without any risk of excessive depreciation.

Car Leasing Explained

Leasing a car with DreamLease is much the same as renting a car over a longer period. After you have chosen a car to lease you must choose an annual mileage that suits your needs. Then you select the term length which is the total amount of time you will lease the car for. Generally, this is 24 months, 36 months or 48 months. You can then choose the initial rental which can be as little as one 1 month. Please note that each lease deal may have a different maximum initial rental. The rest of the total balance due is then spread over the remainder of the Lease Term. Please note that at no point throughout the lease do you own the vehicle and once the lease term finishes you simply hand the car back. There is no option with leasing to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease.

*Please note that if you were to increase your initial rental then your monthly payment would be reduced and the total payable would stay the same.

What our customers say...

123cockers 123cockers What an amazing company!
5 stars

What an amazing company! From an initial enquiry to the incredible Matt Knott, to Rupert and then Sue and Bev, leasing a car has been such an enjoyable and seamless process! All going over and beyond to deliver our new e-208 just in time for my wife’s birthday! (And what a happy wife she is!😊)… the car is gorgeous, the service even more so! … not to mention the deal itself! Wow! (Special mention to Matt and Dan!) Thank you all so much…. Just got to pay for it now! 😳 Neil Cockcroft


Leased a Peugeot 308