How to Lease a Dacia

Leasing a Dacia with Dreamlease is a fast, hassle-free alternative to purchasing one of these affordable and stylish cars. Once you choose a Dacia from their lineup you can choose a total lease term, annual mileage and initial payment that suits your personal situation. After the lease, you can simply hand the car back to the leasing funder leaving you free to lease a brand-new car. With a Lease or PCH (Personal Contract Hire), you do not own the vehicle at any point with no option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract. You can also bolt on an additional maintenance package which will make sure that your Dacia Lease is cared for correctly whilst you have use of the vehicle. For more information regarding our Dacia Leases please contact our expert car leasing team on 01494 424242 or email

Why Lease a Dacia?

Leasing a Dacia gives you access to one of these affordable cars with fixed monthly payments and no concerns regarding vehicle depreciation as you never own the car. The manufacturer's warranty comes as standard as well as road tax and UK Mainland Delivery. Leasing a Dacia can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home with no need to visit a Dacia dealer or manufacturer. To start your journey to your dream Dacia first choose a vehicle and use our website or helpful team to create a personalized quotation. Once the car and terms suit your needs Dreamlease will propose the lease to our panel of funders. Once accepted and after the lawful 14-day cooling-off period the car can then be delivered directly to you. After the lease term, you simply hand the car back and you can then start the process again with another brand-new car. For more information about leasing a Dacia please contact our team on 01494 424242 or email