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Our Partnership with SalSac

At DreamLease, we take great pride in our collaboration with SalSac Ltd, a dedicated car leasing salary sacrifice platform. This partnership is instrumental in enhancing the overall experience for both employers and employees. SalSac empowers us to provide accurate and seamless salary sacrifice calculations, precise quotations, and an array of user-friendly tools. This partnership not only simplifies the implementation process for employers but also ensures clarity and ease of understanding for employees. By leveraging SalSac's advanced platform, we aim to make salary sacrifice not just a financial strategy but a straightforward and transparent journey toward driving financial wellness. Explore the synergy of DreamLease and SalSac Ltd, where precision meets simplicity, and embark on a transformative approach to salary sacrifice.

What our customers say...

Ryan Nicol I would highly recommend DreamLease
5 stars

Really great service from Skye she was really helpful and supportive and I would highly recommend DreamLease.


Martin Drew Martin Drew A huge thanks to Tom for all the effort, good humour, and professionalism.
5 stars

The experience was not what I was expecting at all. I have never leased a car before, and I thought it would be a very prescriptive process. However, it felt like a collaborative effort instead. I dealt with Tom, and I was really impressed by how invested he was in getting the specifications of the car right for me. I changed my mind on some details of the specs sometime after I had signed the order, and to be honest, I was expecting to be told it was too late. However, he was totally unfazed and managed to sort everything out, getting it requoted quickly and amending the order for me.

I very rarely leave reviews, but I did feel this was an occasion where it is really warranted. So, a huge thanks to Tom for all the effort, good humour, and professionalism. I have no hesitation in recommending DreamLease.

27th February 2024

Steven Murdoch Steven Murdoch Excellent job as I am a happy customer!
5 stars

Great experience as Skye was always available and quick to respond. She was also very friendly and helpful throughout a process I was unfamiliar with. Excellent job as I am a happy customer!


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