Land Rover Car Leasing

There are many reasons to lease a Land Rover. Heritage, Style, Luxury, Comfort to name only a few. This British Icon has been manufacturing go-anywhere vehicles since its conception with the Land Rover Seris 1 back in 1948. Since then the brand has grown through the years with cars such as the Series 3, Defender, Range Rovers and Velar and many more. Leasing a Land Rover gives you access to this prestigious brand without the expensive outlay of a traditional purchase. Land Rover Leasing also give you peace of mind that after the lease term has been completed, you can hand the car back and lease a new up-to-date model. With technologies changing on what seems like a yearly basis, this guarantees that you keep up with the Land Rover Brand without the concern of depreciation.

What's the best Land Rover to Lease?

DreamLease works closely with the Land Rover UK Dealer Network to bring you the best Land Rover Lease Deals on the market. In recent months the all-new Land Rover Defender has been extremely popular in either the 3 Door or 5 Door configuration. The Range Rover Sport has also been favoured for its glamorous yet purposeful styling and its uncompromised power. Models such as the Velar and Range Rover Evoque are still prominent models in the Land Rover lineup and give you access to this prestigious brand and a more affordable price tag. All these Land Rovers and more are available for lease with the DreamLease Team. Call 01494 424242 to speak to one of our Land Rover Leasing Experts.

Benefits of Leasing a Land Rover?

There are many reasons why so many people in the UK are turning to car lease deals, especially when considering a luxury vehicle such as a Land Rover or Range Rover. Purchasing a Land Rover in the traditional way ties you into an expensive, rapidly depreciating asset as soon as it leaves the dealer. With a Land Rover Lease Deal from DreamLease, the asset is owned by the funder and therefore they take this risk. This is especially relevant in the current car market with new technologies coming to market each year. Fixed monthly payments, free UK Mainland Delivery and complimentary road tax are still only a few of the great reasons to lease a Land Rover at DreamLease. For more information on our Land Rover Lease Deals please contact our helpful expert team on 01494 424242 or email us at

  • Low Initial Cost
  • Road Tax Included
  • Optional Maintenance Contracts Available
  • Flexible and Customizable Lease Contracts
  • Simple Hassle-Free Contract End