Small Van Leasing Deals

DreamLease offers a comprehensive range of Small Van Leasing Deals from the efficient Citroen Berlingo Van to the Commercial Toyota Corolla. Select a small van lease deal below for more details or call our expert commercial van leasing team on 01494 424242. Small Vans are perfect for small businesses, delivery drivers and tradesmen looking for a good payload whilst maintaining good fuel economy. Leasing Small vans generally cost less than large vans and are also easy to park and manoeuvre onsite.

Why Lease a Small Van?

Leasing a small van such as a Citroen Berlingo or Peugeot Partner can be ideal for small businesses, one-man bands and fleet customers alike. Easy to park and manoeuvre, cheap running costs, comfortable driving position and large payloads are a few of the great benefits that a small van can offer.

Small Vans are extremely practical and many feature sliding side doors, bench front seats for three, and estimated payloads between 650 kg and 1000kg.

Many vans have great fuel economy such as the Ford Transit Connect 1.5 EcoBlue which has an estimated combined 60.1mpg.

How To Choose A Small Van

Whether you are starting a new business, are a tradesman or run a large fleet of vehicles the small van is a powerful tool and should not be underestimated. That being said as with all vans, small vans have limitations such as maximum payload that should be considered before entering into a small van lease agreement. Here DreamLease aims to explore the benefits and considerations regarding small vans enabling you to make an informed decision when leasing a brand-new small van.

Small Van Payload & Overall Dimensions

Let's start by considering the payload. This is the maximum weight a small van can carry safely and by law. This includes the weight of the drivers, any cargo and generally fuel and oil. The overall dimensions of the small van should also be considered such as the total available length, width and height. Make sure that the items you intend to carry will fit comfortably in the specific van's rear cab.

Access to the Rear Cab.

Many small vans have different door arrangments. Some have sliding side doors on one side and others have a sliding door on each side. Please make sure the small van you intend to lease has the correct configuration before entering into your lease.

Small Van Seating Configuration

Many small vans have different seating configurations, removable seats and folding seats. Always check to see what seating configuration your small van comes with as many of the same brands and van models may come with different setups to suit different markets and uses.

Small Van Extras and Options

Just like leasing a car, small vans are available with creature comforts, driving aids and different specifications at an additional cost. For example, you can lease a small Ford Transit Courier van with parking sensors, rearview cameras and tyre pressure monitors. Mesh bulkheads, comfort packs and engine governors can also be added. Make sure you take a look at the optional extras when leasing a van to personalise the package to suit your needs. Please note that small vans in stock are already built which may limit customisation options. If you have any questions about finding the right small van for your business please call us on 01494 424242.