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Discover unparalleled convenience with our wide selection of car leases, now available for expedited delivery across the UK Mainland. Skip the waiting game and beat lead times with our impressive inventory of in-stock lease deals, meticulously crafted for savvy individuals seeking unbeatable value.

Rest assured, every lease offer we present is based on vehicles either already in UK stock or swiftly making their way from the factory, ensuring you can get behind the wheel of your dream car without delay. Whether you're searching for a sleek sports car, a versatile SUV, or a stylish hatchback, we have the perfect lease deal to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Explore our comprehensive range of in-stock lease offers below, meticulously curated to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. For a personalised quote tailored to your requirements, don't hesitate to contact our expert leasing team at 01494 424242 or via email at DreamLease is here to help you embark on your leasing journey with confidence and convenience.

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Benefits of Car Leasing In Stock

Select our in-stock lease deals that enable you to drive a brand-new car for a fixed low monthly cost. DreamLease offers Low initial payment lease options.

  • Leasing is flexible and allows you to choose a lease term between 2 and 4 years.
  • Once the lease contract ends, you simply hand the car back and can renew with another brand-new car.
  • You will have a minimum of 3 years warranty (unless stipulated otherwise).
  • Road tax is included for the full term of the lease contract.
  • Free Delivery direct to your door.
  • No M.O.T. for three years.
  • No Interest Payable on any Dream Lease.
  • Low initial outlay when compared to hire purchase, PCP or outright purchasing.

How does car leasing work?

Essentially leasing a car is the same as renting a car for a longer period of time. The cost of the lease will depend on the make and model of the car you choose, the length or term of the lease and the number of miles you plan to drive over the term. The “residual value” or value of the car at the end of the lease term can also affect the monthly cost of the lease. Please note that with any car leasing contract or contract hire you do not own the car at any point during the contract and have no option to purchase the car at the end.

Do I Need Insurance to Lease a Car?

To lease a car in the UK you will need insurance with fully comprehensive cover for the entire term of the lease. It is your responsibility to maintain this cover from the day of delivery to the end of the lease.

Maintenance Cover for your In Stock Lease Car

Prior to taking delivery of your in-stock leased car we offer an optional comprehensive maintenance package on all our car leases. This offers peace of mind that your selected lease car is being maintained correctly and is added to the lease as a fixed monthly fee.

Leasing FAQs

"In-stock lease deals" refer to available leasing options for vehicles that are currently in our inventory, ready for immediate delivery. Unlike customer factory orders, these deals allow you to receive your chosen vehicle promptly.

Our in-stock lease deals encompass a diverse range of vehicles, from compact cars to SUVs and luxury models. The inventory is regularly updated to offer a variety of choices to suit different preferences.

In-stock lease deals provide customers with the advantage of quick access to a new vehicle. It streamlines the leasing process, offering a convenient solution for those who prefer a shorter timeline from selection to delivery.

No, our in-stock lease deals span various brands and models. This ensures that customers have a broad selection, allowing them to find the perfect vehicle that aligns with their preferences and needs.

Our inventory of in-stock lease deals is regularly updated to reflect the latest additions and availability. This ensures that customers have access to the newest models and diverse options.

Yes, we often feature special promotions and discounts on our in-stock lease deals. These offers provide additional value to customers, making leasing a new vehicle even more appealing.

Yes, we offer flexibility in customizing lease terms for in-stock vehicles. Customers can discuss their preferences with our leasing specialists to tailor the terms to their specific needs.

To inquire about our current in-stock lease deals and their availability, you can contact our leasing team at 01494 424242 or send an email to Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

Absolutely. Our in-stock lease deals cater to both personal and business leasing requirements, offering a diverse selection of vehicles that can accommodate various preferences and usage scenarios.

What our customers say...

G Brat G Brat I can't think of any fault in the whole process.
5 stars

Very quick and helpful in response to queries. It was all pretty painless! Plus, in my search for suitable vehicles across a number of companies, their prices looked to be really competitive.

24 August 2023

Rich Luck Can’t rate highly enough.
5 stars

Skye was an amazing representative. Cheerful, helpful, respectful and energetic. Can’t rate her highly enough.


Carl Moreton Carl Moreton Great communication
5 stars

I was kept up to date with the process by email and phone calls and with all forms completed, I was given a call to let me know I could have my car delivered a lot quicker than was expected. Great communication and car delivered when expected.

14 June 2023

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