How to Lease a Genesis

To lease a Genesis first you will need to select the model and spec that's right for you. DreamLease offer leases on the Genesis G70, GV70, GV60, G80 and Genesis GV80. After you have selected your Genesis Lease Deal you will need to decide upon the lease term, annual mileage and preferred initial payment. DreamLease and one of our specialists will take you through the financial application process. Once approved for the finance and after a 14-day cooling-off period your car can be delivered via the Genesis supplier network. At the end of your Genesis Lease, you simply hand the car back and lease a new car of your choice.

Genesis Car Leasing Benefits

Leasing a brand new Genesis from DreamLease avoids expensive depreciation with affordable fixed monthly rentals over a 2, 3 or 4 year period. Vehicle road tax is included within the lease and all Genesis cars come with a 5-year care plan including their manufacturer warranty, 5 years of European roadside assistance and collection and delivery for all scheduled servicing. Please see Genesis's official website for terms and conditions here. DreamLease is partnered with the best UK Lenders ensuring our Genesis Lease Deals are always competitively priced and affordable. Call our specialist leasing team on 01494 424242 and lease your Dream Genesis today.

Genesis GV60 Electric Leases

The relatively new car brand Genesis offers an exciting fully electric, mid-sized SUV named the GV60. This stylish new SUV has a 77.4kWh battery with all models offering over an estimated 280 miles of range with twin and single motor options available. This five-seater offers a roomy high-quality interior you would expect from manufacturers such as Mercedes and Lexus. Packed full of technology such as digital side mirrors, a Crystal Sphere vehicle interface and rapid charging the GV60 is a serious contender in the electric vehicle market.

Genesis Leasing FAQs

Leasing a Genesis vehicle can provide lower monthly payments compared to traditional financing. Additionally, you can drive a new Genesis model every few years, enjoying the latest features and technology without a long-term commitment.

Lease durations for Genesis vehicles typically range from 24 to 48 months. This flexibility allows you to tailor the lease term to your preferences and can ensure you have the latest Genesis model more frequently.

While the base models come well-equipped, Genesis offers various customisation options and packages. You can discuss your preferences with our leasing specialists to explore available upgrades and personalisation options for your leased Genesis.

Yes, there are mileage limits on leased Genesis vehicles. However, we offer different mileage packages to accommodate various driving needs. Discuss your anticipated mileage with our leasing experts to find the best plan for your lifestyle.

At the end of your Genesis lease, you have options. You can choose to lease a new Genesis model, you can sometimes purchase your current leased vehicle, or explore other available options. Our leasing team will guide you through the process to ensure a seamless transition based on your preferences.

Early termination options are available, but they may involve fees. Contact our leasing team to discuss your situation, and we'll work with you to explore the best solution based on your needs.

Insurance is not included in the lease agreement. Lessees are responsible for obtaining and maintaining appropriate insurance coverage throughout the lease term.

Yes, we regularly offer lease specials and promotions on various Genesis models. Check our website or contact our leasing department to inquire about the latest deals and exclusive offers to make your Genesis leasing experience even more rewarding.

Genesis cars are known for their exceptional combination of performance, elegance, and cutting-edge technology. As a luxury brand under the Hyundai Motor Group, Genesis focuses on delivering a refined driving experience with innovative features and attention to detail that sets it apart in the automotive market.

Genesis prioritises safety, equipping its vehicles with advanced safety features such as advanced driver-assistance systems, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and a comprehensive airbag system. The commitment to safety extends to both active and passive measures, ensuring peace of mind for Genesis drivers.

Genesis is committed to environmental responsibility. Many Genesis models incorporate eco-friendly materials, and the brand continues to invest in research and development for sustainable technologies. This commitment aligns with the brand's dedication to creating luxurious vehicles with a focus on minimising environmental impact.

Genesis sports models are engineered for exhilarating performance, with powerful engines, responsive handling, and advanced suspension systems. Whether it's the G70, G80, or G90, each model in the Genesis lineup offers a dynamic driving experience, making it a compelling choice for enthusiasts who value both luxury and performance.

Genesis takes pride in its state-of-the-art technology features. From an intuitive infotainment system to advanced connectivity options, including smartphone integration and voice recognition, Genesis ensures that drivers and passengers enjoy a seamless and connected experience. The brand continuously evolves its technology offerings to stay ahead of the curve in the luxury automotive space.

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Neil Wightman Neil Wightman Very impressed with Dream Lease
5 stars

Very impressed with Dream Lease - from start to finish everyone was helpful and the whole thing was hassle-free. Excellent service. Thanks.

01 September 2023

Paul From Cambridge Paul From Cambridge Fast and efficient
5 stars

Really easy. Got a great car for the right price. Customer service was very quick and efficient. Very happy.

05 June 2023

Craig Jones Craig Jones The whole process was quick and straightforward.
5 stars

Having never leased a car before meant I had a lot of questions. From the very beginning DreamLease staff were always available to answer questions, either via email or phone.

The whole process was quick and straightforward. With all staff members offering help along the way as needed.

Communication about the progress of my order was good and kept me up to date with everything that was going on. Very responsive coupled with great prices, what’s not to like.

I highly recommend DreamLease to anyone looking to lease a motor vehicle.

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