Mercedes Cars on Lease

DreamLease offers a large range of Mercedes Lease Deals on almost all their cars from the great value A-Class to the exquisite S Class, GLS and EQS Mercedes. Leasing a Mercedes gives you access to one of their luxury vehicles without the large initial cost. You simply pay an initial payment and then a fixed monthly cost for a period such as 3 years. After the lease term has ended you simply hand the car back and selected a new car to lease. Our Mercedes Leases are delivered nationwide to the UK Mainland and come with the Mercedes Warranty and Road tax included within the Lease. Drive a New Mercedes-Benz with the newest technology and safety features with delivery as quick as 14 days after signing contracts.

Best Mercedes Lease Deals

Here at DreamLease, we have many great Mercedes Leases including hatchbacks, saloons, coupes and SUVs. Both the A-Class Hatchback and the A-Class Saloon are extremely popular in the UK and are currently great value for money. Our Electric Mercedes Leases include the EQA, EQB, EQC SUV, EQV Mercedes Van, EQE and the EQS Saloon. The EQC is a fully electric SUV with an estimated range of over 240 miles and an interior typical of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Drive your dream Mercedes with an affordable lease deal here at DreamLease.

Benefits of Leasing a Mercedes-Benz

Leasing a Mercedes gives you access to a brand-new vehicle without the large initial payment of a traditional purchase. Simply pay a flexible initial payment and then a fixed monthly fee over the full term of the lease. Our Mercedes lease deals are commonly 2, 3 or 4 years long. When the lease term ends you simply hand the car back and lease a new car of your choice. This ensures that you are always driving cars with the most recent technology and safety features and gives you the chance to drive a diverse range of cars. Lease deals may also give you access to cars that otherwise may be out of reach for many budgets. All cars are brand new and include a manufacturer warranty, road tax and delivery to the UK Mainland as standard. To start your leasing journey choose one of our affordable lease deals or call our specialist leasing team on 01494 424242.