Medium Van Lease Deals

Whether you are searching for a Ford Transit Custom Lease, a Nissan Primaster Lease or any other medium-sized van, Dreamlease can help you find the best van leasing deal in the UK. Please call our specialist van leasing team on 01494 424242 or email us at

Why Lease a Medium Van?

Leasing a medium-sized van such as a Ford Transit or Nissan Primaster has many benefits over smaller vans like the Citroen Berlingo. The increased capacity allows for the transportation of larger items such as plywood, and large furniture and they also have a higher roof clearance for taller items. The total load weight is also typically higher, for example, a Peugeot Expert 1400 2.0 BlueHDi 145 has an estimated maximum payload of 1446kg.

Please note that the "Payload" of a van is defined by the total weight of your load, in addition to the weight of all passengers and the driver, fuel and oil.