Introducing the All-New Citroën C3 Aircross - Bold and Versatile B-SUV

Citroën has revealed the initial visuals of the brand-new C3 Aircross, showcasing its striking design, spaciousness, and onboard comfort.

Moreover, it aims to revolutionise the market with its highly competitive pricing strategy. Notably, both models are built on the Smart Car platform, enabling versatility in powertrain options and cost-effectiveness.

The revamped C3 Aircross experiences a significant transformation as it ventures into a new territory, showcasing a bolder personality, increased interior room for up to 7 passengers, a wider selection of engine choices, and consistent onboard comfort.

Alongside its competitive pricing strategy, this enhanced and robust model perfectly aligns with the demands of the market.

Design and Style

The C3 Aircross has undergone a significant transformation, shifting from a design that focused on softness and friendliness to one that exudes a more angular, muscular, and assertive style, while still maintaining a non-aggressive appearance.

With its high and horizontal hood, widened wings and tracks, and solid shoulders that are protected by large 690mm wheels, the C3 Aircross fully embraces its SUV typology, projecting power and robustness.

Every style line on the vehicle adds a sense of tension and energy, resulting in a model that exudes confidence. The overall silhouette of the C3 Aircross is well-balanced and conveys a strong presence.

The all-new C3 Aircross also showcases Citroën's latest design language, with the Oli concept serving as the foundation and the C3 as the initial implementation. This design seamlessly integrates the brand's new identity signature and a bold formal language.

The front end, with its vertical orientation, proudly features the new Citroën logo and incorporates a distinctive lighting signature with 3 luminous segments.

The modern style of the vehicle emphasises quality and attention to detail, including the chevron pattern on specific elements.

In addition to these design elements, Citroën enhances the silhouette and customisation options of the C3 Aircross by offering a two-tone roof and adding colour accents through colour clips on the bumper and quarter panel, allowing customers to personalise their vehicle how they want.

The all-new C3 Aircross has been redesigned to measure 4.39 meters in length, resulting in increased interior space.

The well-proportioned silhouette suggests an extended wheelbase, the longest in its class, providing more legroom for rear passengers. The size of the C3 Aircross also allows for a dynamic and vertical rear end design of the quarter panel, enhancing habitability for third-row occupants.

This innovation enables comfortable seating for up to 7 individuals with two foldable seats in the boot. The C3 Aircross is designed to simplify family life with its versatile features. Despite its functionality, the C3 Aircross remains compact for easy maneuverability and stress-free parking.

With its rational, versatile, and reassuring design, the C3 Aircross is an SUV that is easy to live with.

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The latest B SUV is built on the same Smart Car platform as the C3 hatchback, developed by Citroën with a focus on accommodating electric vehicles.

This makes the C3 Aircross well-suited for the energy transition, as it offers a hybrid option alongside the traditional petrol engine, making electrification more accessible.

Additionally, an affordable all-electric powertrain made in Europe will soon be offered for even more versatility.

Moreover, the C3 Aircross boasts an SUV silhouette that guarantees a heightened ground clearance, instilling a sense of confidence while driving.

This design also facilitates easy access for passengers and promotes a commanding driving position, enhancing visibility on the road. These features collectively contribute to the overall comfort and well-being experienced by passengers, which is a distinctive characteristic of the C3 Aircross.

Similar to the C3 sedan, the upcoming C3 Aircross will prioritise comfort and will be equipped with all the necessary technologies and amenities that customers in this market expect.

The all-new C3 Aircross, set to be revealed in mid-2024 by Citroën, has undergone a complete transformation to cater to the needs of families. The car's versatility is enhanced with the ability to accommodate up to 7 individuals, offering flexibility for various seating arrangements.

Additionally, the C3 Aircross offers electrified options ranging from hybrid to 100% electric, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

Furthermore, it prioritises comfort and connectivity, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable driving experience.