Most popular car colours in Britain

According to the latest figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Trading the colour grey tops the charts for a sixth consecutive-year as being the most popular car colour in Britiain.

In the year 2023, a total of 509,194 grey cars were registered, making up over a quarter (26.8%) of the market share.

When it comes to choosing car colours, people often consider a variety of factors that reflect their personal preferences and style. The colour of a car can make a statement and contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Some individuals may opt for classic and timeless colours like black, white, silver, or gray, which are known for their versatility and ability to maintain a clean appearance. Others may prefer more vibrant and eye-catching colours such as blue, red, or even unique shades like green or yellow.

Additionally, cultural influences, regional trends, and individual personality can also play a role in the decision-making process. Ultimately, selecting a car colour is a subjective choice that allows individuals to express their individuality and align their vehicle with their personal taste.

In 2023, a top three of monochrome additions to the market was achieved with traditionally popular black and white cars taking second and third position. This makes it the sixth consecutive year for these two car colours to secure the lower-ranking positions.

It should also be noted that since their debut in 2019, these cars have seen their highest numbers yet.

Monochrome cars formed the majority of new vehicle registrations in the UK for 2023, with approximately 63.5%.

Blue advanced in the rankings to capture the fourth spot, while red remained in fifth place, posting its lowest market share since 2005 at only 7.3%. Presently, new cars painted with a shade of red constitute a mere 3.9% of total registrations.

The least preferred colours were maroon, pink, and cream which collectively amounted to only 604 vehicles. At the same time, orange and bronze shades experienced a decline in popularity compared to their volume figures from last year.

A rejuvenated 'Green' was able to boost its overall sales, soaring to its peak of 53,426 units in over a decade since 2005. Its market share of 2.8% also achieved its greatest level seen since the preceding year.

Monochrome tones remained popular for fleets, boasting a strong demand for grey comprising of 26.9% (280,480 units) of registered vehicles. However, interestingly, private sales showed more diversity with a slight tendency towards greens and yellows over fleet purchases, accounting for 29,919 and 6,964 registrations respectively.

Grey held the most sought-after spot in all British regions collectively and was closely followed by white in the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Scotland while black proved to be the runner-up in England and Wales.

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