Unveiling the All-New Kia EV3

Kia is broadening its range of electric vehicles by launching the EV3 compact SUV. This new addition complements the current EV6 and EV9 models, all of which are exclusively electric and built on a unique platform.

The South Korean automaker's new 5 passenger SUV boasts an exceptional range of 372 miles on a charge and is equipped with Kia's latest generative AI voice assistant.

Design and Features

The new model of the Kia will be available and will have two options to choose from. The EV3 Standard version will come with a 58.3kWh battery, whereas the EV3 Long Range model will utilise an 81.4kWh battery. The Long Range variant can cover a WLTP range of 372 miles. Both battery choices are accompanied by a single 204PS electric motor.

The dimensions of the EV3 are 4,300mm in length, 1,850mm in width, and 1,560mm in height, which puts it in the same size range as a Volkswagen ID3. Kia asserts that the EV3 provides the most spacious luggage area in its category, with a 25-litre front-end storage and a 460-litre boot capacity.

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The interior design draws inspiration from Kia's current EV6 and EV9 models, adopting a minimalist yet luxurious approach. Positioned at the top of the dashboard, there are two spacious screens that serve as both infotainment and instrument displays. Additionally, a touch panel is available for convenient access to the climate controls.

In addition to this, the EV3 offers a wide range of features that can be easily accessed and controlled through the steering wheel buttons. These functions include drive mode, cruise control, entertainment, and navigation.

The EV3 is the initial model to take advantage of Kia's latest i-Pedal 3.0 regenerative braking technology. This innovative feature permits drivers to customize the regenerative braking level based on their liking, facilitating one-pedal driving. By doing so, energy efficiency is optimized, fatigue during extended trips is significantly decreased, and the vehicle can cover more distance on a single charge. Consequently, the overall journey becomes more stimulating, pleasant, and relaxing.

Furthermore, the EV3's ambience is elevated by the bold and progressive statement made by its exterior design, which combines dynamic aesthetics with thoughtful functionality.

Additional information, such as pricing and specifications for the UK market, will be disclosed at a later date. The vehicle is anticipated to be available in Europe around September to December time.