Dacia unveils the New Electric Spring in the UK

Dacia, renowned for its commitment to affordable and practical vehicles, unveils the latest iteration of its electric marvel: the new Dacia Spring. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Spring introduces a host of enhancements that elevate its appeal and functionality.

Sporting a fresh exterior and interior design, the new Spring boasts improved aesthetics while retaining its trademark efficiency. Equipped with a customisable digital dashboard featuring a 7” screen and a 10” infotainment screen, the vehicle embraces the digital age seamlessly. Furthermore, its 65 hp engine ensures versatility without compromising on efficiency, maintaining 14.6 kWh/100 km on the WLTP mixed cycle. Despite these upgrades, Dacia remains committed to its ethos of affordability, positioning the New Spring as the best value-for-money all-electric car in Europe.

Dacia's foray into the electric vehicle market with the Spring has been met with resounding success, making zero-emission mobility accessible to a wide demographic. Since its debut in 2021, the Spring has garnered acclaim and accolades, becoming the third most-sold electric car to individuals in both 2022 and 2023. Its energy efficiency and minimal carbon footprint earned it a prestigious 5-star rating from the independent European organisation Green NCAP in 2022, further solidifying its position as a sustainable transportation option.

The Dacia Spring continues to resonate with consumers seeking simplicity, affordability, and efficiency in their zero-emission mobility solutions. Data from the vehicle's connected systems reveal that the average daily trips made by Spring users cover 37 km at a speed of 37 km/h, with 75% of recharges taking place at home. This user-centric approach underscores Dacia's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customer base.

With the launch of the new Dacia Spring, the brand reaffirms its dedication to innovation and accessibility in electric mobility. Set to arrive soon, the leasing option for the Spring promises to extend its reach even further, offering an enticing opportunity for eco-conscious drivers to experience the unparalleled blend of affordability, efficiency, and practicality that defines the Dacia experience.

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