New Electric Mercedes G-Class SUV Powered by 4 Motors

Introducing a new era for Mercedes as they have unveiled for the first time in their history an electric G Wagon. This vehicle will be named the G 580 with EQ Technology. Despite the car entering new territory the iconic off-road vehicle still maintains its square design and durable ladder frame structure, all the while incorporating a cutting-edge electric powertrain system.

The new Mercedes G 580 will be available to purchase later this year, this model also provides substantial off-road capability, performance, and a low benefit-in-kind tax.

Features and Design

The new G-Class upon closer inspection distinguishes itself from other G-Wagon models with its unique front end design featuring an optional black panel grille surrounded by an LED light band.  Moreover, the car's bonnet has undergone a reprofiling process in order to accommodate the inverter and other hardware components of the electric vehicle powertrain.

The new electrified G-Wagon also comes with several features as standard including: Leather-trimmed seats, open-pore walnut accents on the dashboard and doors, and the latest MBUX generation featuring a single two-display screen that spans across 50% of the dashboard. Additional options include a rear entertainment system equipped with two 11.6-inch touchscreen displays.

Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with a 116kWh battery that allows for a range of nearly 300 miles (WLTP). This battery is enclosed in a unique casing to ensure protection during off-road usage.

The G 580 is equipped with individual electric motors and two-speed transmissions for each wheel, allowing for independent power distribution, this advanced system enables true all-wheel-drive capability and a low-range gear reduction.

Overall, this setup grants the car the ability to execute a 360-degree spin on the spot, greatly enhancing maneuverability in confined areas.

The electric G-Class not only boasts impressive off-road capabilities, but also provides a luxurious experience with its well-equipped interior and top-notch specifications. While the pricing has not been finalised, it is anticipated to exceed £100,000, but despite this, the G 580 could still be a popular option for people looking for a vehicle due to its low 2% company car tax rate.

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