Discover the tranquility of solo driving - Over 5 Million Brits embrace it as a Form of meditation

According to recent research conducted by car manufacturer Dacia, it has been found that over five million individuals in the UK consider solo driving as a "new form of meditation".

Despite the chaotic and occasionally turbulent start to 2024, 65% of solo drivers confess that simply sitting in their parked car on the driveway provides them with a moment of inner peace.

Interestingly, solo drivers spend an average of 43 hours in their vehicles, which is more than an eight-hour working week, in order to unwind and relax. This surpasses other popular stress-relieving activities such as running (16%), traditional mindfulness or meditation sessions (10%), team sports (8%), and even taking a short break from social media apps (4%).

The reasons behind the preference for solo driving as a means of de-stressing include a sense of escape (64%), listening to soothing in-car playlists (49%), disconnecting from other worrisome thoughts (41%), and feeling a sense of control over one's life (33%).

The top 10 Reasons why driving solo is the perfect form of meditation for British people

  1. A feeling of escape (64%)
  2. Listening to relaxing in-car playlists or the radio (49%)
  3. Switching off from other worrying thoughts (41%)
  4. Feeling in control of one's life (33%)
  5. Time spent alone away from loved ones (26%)
  6. Time spent free from a mobile phone (25%)
  7. Experiencing new sights (20%)
  8. Allows other creative ideas to come through (14%)
  9. Sitting in a cosy chair (13%)
  10. The smell of a car (10%)

In the midst of it all, designated quiet areas like the garden shed and study have officially lost their appeal, as 14% of British individuals confess to seeking solace in their cars when they require a respite from their loved ones.

Furthermore, Brits have openly disclosed the primary sources of their stress, with financial worries (44%), family obligations (27%), and health concerns (26%) taking the lead.

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, highlights: "The world is complex right now, Christmas is behind us, and already people are feeling busy and stressed. We know that many of our customers are planning to redefine what is essential to them in 2024 – and that self-care is a priority. At Dacia, we understand living a simpler life isn't always easy, so we are entirely behind Brits using their cars to take refuge from the stresses of everyday life.

In fact, we are so devoted to keeping things simple and putting aside complexity that we only sell cars with all of the essentials – guaranteeing peace of mind so they can focus on what’s important to them, the experience of driving – with or without the family”. 

Dacia has gained recognition for redefining what is essential, providing value to its customers, and remaining committed to facilitating stress-free car purchases.

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