The best ways to prepare your car for the winter weather this year!

As the winter season approaches, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle is prepared to handle the challenges that come with colder temperatures, icy roads, and adverse weather conditions.

Driving in winter can be very challenging and at times scary especially when the weather turns, at DreamLease we are giving you the best tips and advice to help you prepare for this time of year which will help protect your vehicle, yourselves and others on the road.

During the winter months driving can be hazardous so checking your lights, tyres and other parts of your vehicle will be crucial to your safety on the road, listed are some of the essential winter driving kit and advice that can make a huge difference to your journey, whether that is traveling to work or out and about to see friends or family.

  • Warm clothing
  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • De-icer/ice scraper
  • Blankets
  • Spare tyres
  • High visibility clothing
  • Food/drinks/snacks
  • Keep lights clean
  • Check windscreen wash
  • Test your battery
  • Watch out for black ice

Making sure that you prepare for the use of your vehicle during the winter can ensure that you stay safe and taking these precautions beforehand can save you money and reduce your chance of any accidents this winter.

Stay vigilant, drive cautiously, and always prioritize your safety on the winter roads and remember driving requires extra caution and preparation.

By following these safety tips, you can help ensure a safer journey during the colder months and remember it's better to arrive a little later than to risk your safety by rushing or taking unnecessary risks.

Stay safe and enjoy the winter season responsibly.

Let us know what your top tips are for driving this winter…

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