Vauxhall Revives Frontera Name for All-New Electric SUV

In a strategic move towards sustainable mobility, Vauxhall has recently unveiled plans to reintroduce the iconic Frontera nameplate in 2024, marking the brand's commitment to expanding its battery-electric lineup. The upcoming Frontera, set to be revealed later this year, will not only showcase a playful design with innovative functional features but will also embody a rugged interpretation of Vauxhall's distinctive design philosophy. Emphasising Vauxhall's dedication to electric power, the new Frontera will be available exclusively as a battery-electric vehicle from its initial launch.

James Taylor, the Managing Director of Vauxhall, expressed confidence in the choice of the 'Frontera' name, asserting that it aligns seamlessly with the SUV's bold character and its central positioning in the market. The brand envisions the Frontera as a versatile option, appealing to customers with active lifestyles and families alike, thanks to its generous space and adaptability. Moreover, Vauxhall aims to maintain its tradition of providing affordable mobility by pricing the new Frontera attractively.

This move towards electrification aligns with Vauxhall's broader strategy to offer fully electric versions across its entire car and van range by the end of 2024. The introduction of the battery-electric variant of the Frontera, coupled with the launch of the all-electric version of the next-generation Grandland, signifies a significant milestone in Vauxhall's journey towards becoming a fully electric brand. By offering at least one fully electric option in its entire lineup, Vauxhall is positioning itself at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.

Vauxhall's current lineup already boasts a variety of fully electric models, including the Corsa Electric, Mokka Electric, Astra Electric, Astra Sports Tourer Electric, Combo Life Electric, and Vivaro Life Electric. Additionally, the brand offers battery-electric versions across its commercial vehicle portfolio, including the New Combo Electric, New Vivaro Electric, and New Movano Electric.

The forthcoming weeks will see Vauxhall unveiling the first images of the new Frontera, accompanied by more detailed information about this eagerly awaited addition to their electric vehicle lineup. As Vauxhall continues to drive innovation in the electric vehicle sector, the Frontera represents a compelling step forward in their commitment to sustainable and electrified mobility.

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