Toyota bZ4X Electric SUV

Intro to the bZ4X

The all-new Toyota bZ4X is a battery-electric vehicle or BEV, and is solely powered by a 71.4kWh battery pack. The bZ4X is branded by Toyota as a spacious 5-seater family SUV with a 452-litre boot making it easy for larger families.

When it comes to range the bZ4X doesn't disappoint with an estimated 318 miles of electric range much higher than the base model Nissan Ariya or the similarly styled Lexus Rz.

Prices range from £42,860 to north of £50,000 once you move up the specifications. This puts the bZ4X slightly pricier than the new Renault Scenic E-Tech but quite a bit cheaper than the Nissan Ariya which ranges from £40,000 to £60,000.

Considering its size and impressive electric mileage, the Toyota bZ4X emerges as exceptional value for money in the current automotive market.

Toyota bZ4X Models

The bZ4X is available in 3 different specs, the Pure, Motion and Vision with the latter two available with a more powerful 160kW motor and an optional fixed panoramic sunroof.

Toyota bZ4X Pure

18" Double Spoke Wheels - 8" Multimedia System + Apple CarPlay - Reversing Camera - Heat Pump

Toyota bZ4X Motion

12.3" Multimedia System + Apple CarPlay - Heated Front Seats - Puddle Lights - Optional 150kW Motor Upgrade

Toyota bZ4X Vision

20" Double Spoke Wheels - Heated Steering Wheel - Foot Operated Boot - Intelligent Clearance Sonar - Optional 150kW Motor Upgrade

The bZ4X Interior

The interior of the bZ4X is unique and boasts a large, responsive and easy-to-use infotainment system. The driver's console is unusual and is designed to be viewed over the steering wheel instead of through it. It's an interesting feature which keeps more information in view when looking straight ahead.

Overall the interior is packed full of tech, easy to use and comfortable. All the touchpoints around the cabin feel robust and we liked that not everything is controlled by a screen. This makes the bZ4X easier to use while on the go however a little more cluttered than some other EVs that have focused on a minimum design.

In The Back

The bZ4X truly stands out in terms of comfort and practicality. Its exceptional legroom, coupled with generous headroom, ensures a comfortable experience, especially for taller passengers. The convenience of easily accessible ISOFIX points adds to the family-friendly design, making it hassle-free for parents on the go. Moreover, the well-thought-out rear door storage proves advantageous during extended journeys, providing a convenient space for essential items.

While the boot size may not match the scale of the Skoda Enyaq, it offers ample space for most needs. What's noteworthy is the absence of a load lip, facilitating effortless loading and unloading of larger items. This thoughtful design element enhances the bZ4X's versatility, making it not only a practical choice for daily use but also a reliable companion for those who value ease and convenience in their automotive experience.

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Should I Buy or Lease a Toyota bZ4X?

The Toyota bZ4X stands out as a reliable and comfortable electric SUV, offering a practical and tech-packed driving experience. While it may not boast the flashiest design, it impresses with its comfortable interior, user-friendly infotainment, and commendable safety features. The driving performance is described as unassuming but enjoyable, particularly for everyday use. Although the boot space is slightly smaller than competitors, the bZ4X compensates with ample rear passenger space. With Toyota's solid reliability reputation and an impressive warranty, the bZ4X is a noteworthy contender for those seeking a dependable and comfortable electric SUV in a crowded market.

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