Renault Unveils Symbioz The Future of Compact Family SUVs

Renault is set to release a new compact family SUV with its latest offering the Renault Symbioz.

With a name reflecting a harmonious blend of driving pleasure, interior spaciousness, and fuel efficiency, the Symbioz is poised to carve its niche between Renault's existing Captur and Austral SUVs.

Derived from the ancient Greek word 'symbiosis', signifying 'living together', the Symbioz embodies Renault's vision of the close relationship between families and their vehicles. Sylvia Dos Santos, Renault's head of naming strategy, underscores the profound human connection embedded in the Symbioz's badge.

The Symbioz rivals popular contenders like the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Niro, promising ample space for both passengers and cargo. Its sleek profile, reminiscent of the all-electric Renault Scenic, hints at a design language characterised by sharp LED elements and an angular front end.

Inside, the Symbioz promises a luxurious experience with a single-piece glass roof adorned with 'Solarbay' adjustable opacity technology, akin to the Scenic EV. Drawing inspiration from the Captur and Clio, the interior boasts a user-friendly layout centred around a portrait touchscreen and an array of intuitive controls.

Under the hood, the Symbioz will feature Renault's E-Tech hybrid 145 engine, delivering a harmonious balance of performance and efficiency. While precise figures are yet to be revealed, Renault assures customers of enhanced driving dynamics and reduced fuel consumption, thanks to the vehicle's lightweight construction targeting under 1,500kg.

Scheduled for a spring debut, the Symbioz's unveiling is eagerly anticipated, potentially coinciding with the launch of a refreshed Captur. Built on Renault's CMF-B HS platform, the Symbioz lays the groundwork for future advancements, including the possibility of a plug-in hybrid variant.

Notably, the Symbioz moniker isn't entirely new to Renault, having debuted as an all-electric concept in 2017. Symbolizing Renault's futuristic vision of mobility, the original Symbioz concept showcased cutting-edge technologies, including a 670bhp dual-motor powertrain and level 4 autonomous driving capabilities.

As Renault prepares to introduce the Symbioz to the market, it reaffirms its commitment to shaping the future of automotive excellence. With its blend of innovation, comfort, and sustainability, the Symbioz heralds a new era of driving pleasure for discerning families worldwide.

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