Praga Bohema - Unleashing the Pinnacle of Czech Precision and Power

Introducing Praga

Praga as a brand has been building machinery in one form or another for over 115 years. But if you are new to the name Praga in 2024 then welcome to the exhilarating world of a supercar company rooted in the Czech (Czechia) pursuit of automotive perfection. Praga has, in recent history, become synonymous with innovation, precision, and a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries with their R1 race cars.

But they have news . . .

Introducing The Praga Bohema

Ok, let's get into it and start with some relatable figures. The total weight of the Bohema equals an incredible 982kg. For comparison that's around 100kg heavier than a LeMans LMP1 car and only 184kg off a 2023 Formula 1 car.

Ok, it's lightweight but what about power? Here Praga have centrally mounted a 3.8-litre bi-turbo 6-cylinder borrowed from the Nissan GTR. This engine however, will be tuned by UK's Litchfield Motors and here it's producing a grand total of 700 bhp. This gives this Bohema a power-to-weight ratio of 1.40 kg/bhp. To compare a full-blown Porshe GT3 Race comes in at 2.49 kg/bhp. Oh, and did I mention its rear-wheel drive?

Well, I hear you ask that's going to be quick but where can I use it? Well, Praga say anywhere you want. This track-hungry 300-plus kph monster is road-legal has indicators, number plate mounts, a rear view camera and can be driven on Pirelli Trofeo R road tyres.

So why are we only talking about the Praga Bohema now? Well, unlike other one-off concept cars, this one is entering production this year. Praga announced last week that a four-year production plan has commenced and the first few lucky customers should have theirs in the first half of this year.

Lets Talk Downforce

Simply put the Bohema is going to accelerate to 62mph in 2.3 seconds and hit big boy numbers at the top end however, it's in the corners where the fun truly exists.

Praga states this 982kg piece of hand-crafted carbon fibre will produce 900kg of downforce at around 155mph. For one I can't wait to see how this thing performs but if the stats say anything it's going to be a weapon and did I mention it is ROAD LEGAL?

Praga Design

The exterior design will not be to everybody's taste but for a hypercar, I just can't find a bad angle. From the side, the Bohema reminds me of the 24-year-old Saleen S7 and some aspects such as the wing mirrors are reminiscent of the early Paganis.

Weight, or the reduction of it, is clearly in charge here. Even the rear wing is fixed with no active aero to reduce unwanted grams and ultimately increase performance.

A quick word on the interior. Praga states that everything is custom to the Bohema. Every switch, seat, and phone holder are all bespoke with no borrowed parts from other makes and models. That makes this offering really unique when compared to others in this space.

I suppose I should discuss the cost of this elegant hypercar. Well, it's not cheap or is it? Owning one will reportedly set you back around $1.35 million but again let's compare it to the competition. An Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro costs around $3.5 million and the Apollo IE about $2.7 million.

Ultimately these cars are going to be expensive due to the engineering precision, materials and labour that is required to make them. But here I think Praga maybe producing a truly impressive car at a comparably affordable price. I for one can not wait to see them hit the streets and circuits around the globe.

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