Driving tips to keep you safe on Bonfire night

Remember, remember the 5th of November

As we approach Bonfire night we are giving you five of our top tips on how you can keep safe during the spectacular firework displays that will be happening all over the Great Britain this upcoming weekend.

As the clocks have changed the sun sets earlier which means that we are spending a lot more of our time driving in the dark, and when "firework season" sparkles into life it can be a distraction for you as a driver which can affect you, pedestrians and animals. 

Here are some of our crucial tips which can help you stay safe on the roads: 


In advance of your trip check for any road closures or diversions due to firework displays in your area, doing this will help you avoid any unnecessary delays or traffic congestion. 


Firework displays can be visually captivating, but it is vitally important to keep your eyes firmly on the road as there will be a lot of people attending these events including children who may get distracted by the bright lights in the sky.

You may also have to look out for animals or wildlife as they can be spooked by the loud bangs - which could lead to these animals bolting across roads, you certainly don't want to be at fault for any casualties. 


Regardless if you drive to an event or walk you should always wear bright pieces of clothing, just so people know where you are at all times especially if you are walking near roads.

It's a little aspect to think about but it can save a lot of trouble if you just decided to wear more visible clothing. 


Fireworks/Bonfires can generate a lot of smoke, reduce visibility and create debris which can appear on roads, so slowing down and taking more time to be aware of your surroundings can help keep you safe.


If you're attending a firework display, park your vehicle in a designated parking area or a safe location away from the event, this will ensure that you're not blocking anyone's driveways or any emergency access points, you don't want to be responsible for someone not being able to get the treatment they may need.

Whatever you are doing on Bonfire night remember to be safe and stay alert but most importantly have fun, because this is an event that only comes around once a year. 


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