AI & ChatGPT Enters Our Cars With Skoda

Škoda Auto has recently announced a significant enhancement to its in-vehicle experience by integrating the AI-based chatbot ChatGPT into its Laura voice assistant. This innovative move is set to redefine the driving experience for many customers, providing seamless access to a wealth of knowledge while prioritising data protection.

Scheduled for implementation around mid-2024, Škoda will introduce ChatGPT as a standard feature in models based on the MEB GP and MQB EVO platforms. These include selected versions of the Škoda Enyaq, the new-generation Superb and Kodiaq, and the updated Octavia. This integration is powered by Cerence Chat Pro, ensuring a unique and automotive-grade ChatGPT experience.

The integration of ChatGPT into the Laura voice assistant goes beyond traditional voice commands. With the latest generation of infotainment systems, drivers and passengers can use intuitive language to control infotainment, navigation, air conditioning, and gain access to general knowledge. Furthermore, ChatGPT's constantly expanding capabilities will enable it to provide additional information, enhancing conversations and interaction during car journeys.

Škoda Auto CEO Klaus Zellmer emphasised the benefits of enriching their voice assistance with artificial intelligence, making cars better everyday companions. He highlighted the convenience of verbal access to extensive knowledge while driving and assured customers that data security remains a top priority.

Activation of the voice assistant is simple with commands like "Okay, Laura" or the respective steering wheel button. In instances where the Škoda system cannot answer a request, it is anonymously forwarded to ChatGPT. Importantly, ChatGPT does not access personal data or vehicle information. All interactions are promptly deleted after processing, ensuring a high standard of data protection.

This groundbreaking feature aligns with Škoda's commitment to adapting advanced technology to improve the driving experience, emphasising hands-free functionality for safety. The introduction of ChatGPT not only elevates in-car capabilities but also sets a new standard for data protection in AI-based integrations. This modern and secure feature is expected to resonate positively with customers, marking Škoda's continued dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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