Alpine Partners with Orient Express Racing Team

In a wavebreaking collaboration, Alpine, the renowned sports car manufacturer owned by the Renault Group, has joined forces with Orient Express Racing Team, the French challenger set to compete in the 37th America's Cup. This strategic partnership aims to support the sporting ambitions of the Orient Express Racing Team as they embark on the challenging waters of the Formula 1 of sailing in Barcelona in August 2024.

Shared DNA of Performance and Excellence

The alliance between the Orient Express Racing Team and Alpine is built on a shared DNA characterised by an ongoing quest for performance and excellence. Both entities are recognised for their relentless pursuit of success, pushing boundaries in their respective fields. Alpine's involvement with the Orient Express Racing Team underscores a commitment to achieving greatness on the international stage of sailing, mirroring the spirit of innovation and precision synonymous with the Alpine brand.

Alpine's Support for French Colours

As the Orient Express Racing Team prepares to represent France in the prestigious America's Cup, Alpine pledges its support for the French colours. The collaboration not only emphasises Alpine's dedication to sporting excellence but also strengthens the bond between two entities united by a common goal – to showcase the prowess of French talent and technology on a global platform.

International Development of the Alpine Brand

Beyond the competitive realm of sailing, this partnership signifies a strategic move for Alpine to strengthen its international presence. By aligning with the Orient Express Racing Team in the America's Cup, Alpine aims to amplify its brand visibility on a global scale. The collaboration provides a unique opportunity for Alpine to engage with diverse audiences and enthusiasts who share a passion for both high-performance cars and cutting-edge sailing technology.

The Formula 1 of Sailing

The America's Cup is often referred to as the Formula 1 of sailing, with its high-tech vessels, skilled crews, and intense competition. Alpine's involvement adds an extra layer of excitement to the event, bringing the thrill of motorsports into the world of sailing. This dynamic partnership reflects the ever-evolving landscape of sports collaborations, where innovation and shared values take centre stage.

As Alpine and Orient Express Racing Team set sail for the America's Cup in Barcelona, the world watches with anticipation for the unfolding of this exciting chapter in the history of both sailing and automotive excellence. This collaboration not only exemplifies the convergence of two dynamic worlds but also stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities when visionary entities join forces to pursue greatness on the global stage.

Written by Richard Quilter

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