A New Look For the Nissan Qashqai For 2024

Nissan has introduced a refreshed version of the Qashqai for 2024, featuring an updated design and enhanced technology.

One of the notable changes is the significant front-end styling update, which gives the car a more distinctive appearance. This is achieved through the redesigned grille and headlights, adding to its overall appeal.

While the exterior has undergone a transformation, the interior remains familiar. However, Nissan has made improvements by enhancing the quality of materials used. Additionally, the car now comes equipped with a new infotainment system powered by Google.

The new infotainment system incorporates Google Maps for navigation purposes and seamlessly integrates Google Personal Assistant with the car's functions. This integration allows for a more intuitive and connected driving experience.

In terms of powertrain options, the Qashqai retains its previous lineup. This includes a mild-hybrid petrol engine as well as Nissan's unique E-Power engines, providing customers with a range of efficient and reliable choices.

As of now, specific details regarding UK specifications and prices have yet to be confirmed.

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Features of the modernised Nissan Qashqai

The latest version of the Around View Monitor has been upgraded to include a 3D function, providing drivers with a comprehensive 360-degree view of their surroundings in the new Qashqai.

In addition to the top-down perspective, drivers can now choose from eight different external viewpoints to gain a better understanding of their car's position and identify potential hazards. This advanced system works seamlessly with Nissan's Moving Object Detection system, which alerts drivers to any moving objects in close proximity to the Qashqai.

Furthermore, the "invisible hood view" feature allows drivers to see the front wheels as if they were looking at them from behind the car. This unique perspective assists in navigating tight spaces, such as multi-story car parks with concrete kerbs that could potentially damage the wheels.

By utilising machine learning, the system generates an image based on the front camera's view and overlays the wheels for a realistic sense of perspective.

Another notable addition is the Parking Spot Location Memory feature, which enables Qashqai drivers to save frequently visited parking locations. With the help of GPS, the car automatically recognises these locations, ensuring precise parking every time.

This feature proves particularly useful when dealing with tight parking spaces, guaranteeing a perfect fit each time.

Driver Assistance Systems

The latest Qashqai has undergone significant enhancements to its suite of driver assistance systems.

To begin with, the Autonomous Emergency Braking functions have been recalibrated to improve risk detection and react faster in potential collision scenarios.

This upgrade applies to the Front Emergency Brake, Pedestrian Front Emergency Brake, Front Emergency Brake Cyclist, and Intelligent Emergency Brake functions.

In the event of emergency braking, the Emergency Stop Signal will be activated, causing the rear brake lights to flash and alert vehicles behind.

Furthermore, the Emergency Lane Keep System now automatically activates when the Qashqai is started. This system triggers both the Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention systems. It provides a haptic warning through the steering wheel, vibrating when the car is too close to the central lines or the side of the road.

The Intelligent Speed Assistance system, which notifies drivers when they exceed the speed limit, will now sound an alarm if they fail to reduce their speed.

Additionally, the upgraded Qashqai introduces the Driver Assist Custom Mode, a convenient feature that allows drivers to quickly customise the level of intervention from various assistance technologies according to their preferences.

This can be done through a two-step process using the shortcut menu button on the left spoke of the steering wheel and the "Ok" button.

More information about the new Qashqai will be released in May, coinciding with the availability of the car for ordering.

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