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Van Leasing Deals

View our range of Van Leasing Deals available for fast free delivery to the UK Mainland. Whatever your requirements and budget our experts will help you find the right business van lease. DreamLease also offer a range of electric van leases and hybrid van leases.

Is a Leasing a Van right for me?

Leasing a Van is a hassle-free method to add a commercial vehicle to your fleet without concerns of depreciation. Leasing a Van makes it easy to budget with fixed monthly payments over the entire lease term and can avoid any large initial payments that are associated with a traditional van purchase. All our van lease deals come with free UK Mainland Delivery, free road tax and once the lease term ends you simply hand the van back. This allows you to keep up with new technologies and commercial vehicle emission regulations instead of running older dated vans.

Can I lease a van through my business?

The simple answer is yes, you can lease a van through your business. To be eligible to lease a van or commercial vehicle the company must be a PLC, a limited company, a sole trader, a partnership a limited liability partnership or a VAT registered company. To lease a van the funder will require the name and date of birth of all listed directors of the business, the company registered address and the registration number. Company bank statements and business accounts may also be requested. For additional information on van leasing or to check if your business is eligible please call our van leasing team on 01494 424242 or email today.

Van Leasing Tax Benefits

When leasing a van through a business you can claim back 100% of the VAT associated with the lease. As you are leasing a van and do not own the asset the HMRC consider this an "ongoing expense" and thus 100% of the lease is also tax-deductible. This makes leasing a van extremely appealing, but it gets better. If you’ve exceeded your agreed mileage at the end of the lease term or damaged the vehicle beyond fair wear and tear, you could be liable for excess mileage or damage charges. These additional fees are considered to be ‘service charges’ which means that you can also offset these against business profits.

Please note that DreamLease is unable to provide legal, taxation or financial advice regarding vehicle leasing. If you or your employees are unsure of any legal, taxation or financial information please contact a registered consultant. 


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