MPG 57.6
0-62 MPH 111g/km
0-62 MPH 14.7s
BLP £12,687
Per Month £187
MPG 57.6
0-62 MPH 111g/km
0-62 MPH 13.9s
BLP £11,437
Per Month £192

About a Fiat Panda Lease

By selecting to lease a Fiat Panda instead of buying one outright, you get the benefit of driving a brand new car, with only an initial rental and low monthly rentals over the term. This removes the need for the expensive large payments upfront which are attached with a traditional full purchase.

Included in your Fiat Panda lease is Free UK Mainland Delivery, a standard manufacturer's warranty, Fixed rental payments for the entire lease, Road Tax Included and No Risk of Ownership.

If you'd like to find out more about leasing a Fiat Panda please call our expert leasing team on 01494 424242.