Car Leasing Maintenance Packages

Even with the incredible leaps forward in precision engineering over the years, vehicles still need to be maintained as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. When leasing a car or van in the UK, you can either opt to include a maintenance package or maintain the vehicle yourself as detailed in your funders lease agreement. Here we will explore what's included in a Maintenance Package, the benefits of taking one and what's required if you don't take one.

What is Car Leasing Vehicle Maintenance?

A Leasing Maintenance Package is an optional extra that can be added to a van or car lease contract. It generally covers all scheduled maintenance with an easily manageable fixed monthly fee, usually combined within the monthly rental of your lease. The maintenance package provides reassurance that the car will be maintained correctly throughout the lease term and protects you from most surprise costs.

Some leasing maintenance contracts also cover the wear and tear of items such as tyres, wiper blades and other wearable components.


Car Leasing Maintenance Benefits

Including a maintenance contract in your lease gives you the assurance that the vehicle will be correctly examined and serviced over your lease term.

A maintenance contract also helps you manage maintenance costs throughout the lease and that the vehicle will be in the correct mechanical condition when returned to the funder.

For business lease customers an additional benefit is that 100% of the VAT is recoverable on the vehicle maintenance cost.


What's Generally Included with a Maintenance Contract

Please note that maintenance contracts may differ from funder to funder. For specific information about your specific maintenance contract please ask our Leasing Consultants or refer to your lease agreement.

  • All scheduled servicing
  • Alternators, starter motors and batteries
  • Exhausts and cam belts
  • MOTs required over the lease term
  • Tyre punctures and wear and tear


Maintenance Exclusions What's Not Covered

For a specific list of what's not included in your specific maintenance contract please ask our leasing consultants or refer to your lease agreement. The following are usually excluded:

  • Repair or replacement due to driver error or driver-induced fault
  • Repairs due to accident damage
  • Missing or Broken items e.g. (bent aerials, missing hub caps)
  • Vandalised or stolen wheels and/or tyres
  • Misfuelling
  • Bulbs, wiper blades, lubricant or screen-wash (outside of service intervals)
  • Windscreen or glass replacement


What if I Don't Take a Maintenance Contract?

Without a leasing maintenance contract, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is serviced by a VAT-registered garage and maintained correctly, the parts used are all "manufacturer-approved" and all mechanical faults are dealt with as soon as they arise. See below for a checklist to help keep your lease car in tip-top shape.

  • Periodic Services as per Manufacturers’ Specification
  • Wash and clean the vehicle regularly
  • Check tyres for damage and pressures regularly
  • MOT the vehicle, when required, (generally once a year after 3 years)
  • Touch Up any stone chips to prevent further damage/rust 

Please note if you do take out a maintenance policy it is still your obligation to organise all serving and deliver the car to the garage selected.