Benefits of Leasing a Car In the UK

Leasing a Car in the UK has many great benefits over a traditional purchase or a PCP. Fixed-price motoring, hassle-free delivery, affordability and a manufacturer warranty are just a few of the perks that you receive when you lease a brand-new car from DreamLease. Below we explain all of the leasing benefits in detail.

Key Benefits

  • Drive a Brand New Car - All our lease vehicles are brand new and supplied by our partnered dealers around the UK.
  • Keep your Car Up-To-Date - Switch your vehicle as frequently as every 2 years and drive a modern car with all the new safety features and exciting new technologies.
  • Delivery and Collection Included - The Dealer will deliver the car directly to you and the funder will then collect it at the end of the term.
  • Warranty - Car Leases include the manufacturer's warranty with most major problems covered.
  • Affordability - leasing a car often is the lowest-cost way to drive a brand-new vehicle.
  • Hassle-Free - Don't worry about car breakdowns, nuisances and additional expenses with a problem-free new car.
  • Fixed Cost Motoring - You will always know the costs as they are totally fixed for the entire lease term whether 2, 3-or 4 years.
  • Drive a Higher Spec - It's extremely likely that leasing will enable you to drive a better vehicle than many other vehicle finance options.
  • Depreciation Free - Evade owning a depreciating asset as you don't own a lease vehicle.
  • Hand it back Hassle-Free - At the end of the term simply hand the car back to the funder with no concerns about selling a vehicle and the stress that accompanies the selling process.
  • Include Maintenance - For a truly hassle-free experience, you can add maintenance to your lease which can cover parts such as tyres, brakes etc.
  • Guard your Savings - Compared with other options leasing allows you to drive a new car with a smaller initial payment allowing you to do more with your money.
  • Fast Delivery - Stock lease Deals can be delivered directly to your home in as little as 2 - 3 weeks.


What is Included With a Lease Vehicle

Manufacturers Warranty - Here at DreamLease, all our vehicles include a manufacturer's warranty that generally protects the vehicle over the full lease term.

Breakdown Cover - All our vehicles include a manufacturer's breakdown cover when a maintenance contract is also taken that commonly protects the vehicle over the full lease term.

MOT - For the first 3 years after the vehicle's registration, an MOT is not required. After this period it is your duty to MOT the vehicle, however, if you have taken out a maintenance package then this cost will be included.

Road Tax - All vehicles leased by DreamLease will have Road Tax included within the total cost of the lease agreement.